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Free Shipping for All Orders & 10% off for New Orders!

Pecute 2pcs Washable Reusable Dog Pee Pads 90*70cm

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Technical Details
Pet Type ‎Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Small Animal
Package Dimensions ‎33.5 x 25.4 x 6.3 cm
Outer Material ‎BK Mesh Material
Inner Material ‎Super Absorbent TC Cotton Core, TPU Composite Waterproof Fabric
Size M: 70 * 50cm / L: 90 * 70cm / XL: 140 * 100cm
Quantity ‎1 package (2 PCS)
Care Instructions ‎Veterinary Approved
Special features ‎Environmentally Friendly, Veterinary Approved, Anti-Slip
Specific Uses ‎Suitable for all pets, Daily Use, Home Surface Protection
Item Weight ‎880g
  • 【STRONG WATER ABSORPTION】 The mesh structure on the surface of the mat can make the liquid dripping on the surface quickly enter the interior. The absorbent sponge inside can absorb moisture quickly and spread evenly, preventing liquid from gathering on the surface of the mat. 4 layers construction with super absorption core, large capacity can hold 3 cups of water (1080ml)
  • 【LEAK-PROOF DESIGNED】 Waterproof TPU composite material is used at the bottom to prevent liquid from seeping out. At the same time, the edge of the pad is well hemming process, can prevent liquid from leaking.
  • 【REUSABLE】 Can be washed and reused. Pecute reusable pee pads can reduce the number of disposable pee pads, which is very economical and environmentally friendly. (To improve the service life, please do not use bleach or emollient when cleaning.)
  • 【MULTIPURPOSE】 Not only used on the floor but also sofas, kennels, outdoor pet backpacks, and dog cages. Can also be used on car seats, more convenient when going out with pets.
  • 【CONVENIENT 2PCS SET】 A set contains 2 pieces, extra-large size 140*100cm! Can be used alternately to ensure cleanliness and hygiene at all times. You’ll never be without a clean backup pad to use.


Pecute reusable pee pads work great for:

  • Housetraining young pups
  • Assisting sick or aging dogs
  • Using while traveling (e.g., protecting car seats)
  • Lining crates and carriers
  • Offering an option for dogs who don’t have timely access to the outdoors

Coming home to a mess-free and odor-free house!

Looking for an alternative to disposable pads?

Pecute reusable dog pee pads are not only stylish, but also better for the environment than wasteful paper pads. They may also save you money in the long run since they’re reusable. It is the top pick for the eco*-friendly category.

Why do you choose ours?

Four-Layer Structure with Super-Absorption Core

  1. The first layer: BK mesh material. The water dripping on the mat can quickly enter the interior of the mat, preventing the moisture from staying on the surface.
  2. The second layer: Super absorbent TC cotton. Up to 1080ml water absorption (L size), can absorb pet urine multiple times, reducing the times of cleaning and changing!
  3. The third layer: TPU composite fabric. 100% waterproof to prevent urine penetration and protect your floor.
  4. The fourth layer: Non-slip particles. The bottom is non-slip treated and can be used safely on smooth floors without worrying about pets slipping. Will not hurt the floor (marble floor, tile floor, wooden floor)! Can be used with confidence!

Large capacity (can hold 1080ml water)

To ensure it can handle frequent urinators. Less frequent pad changing, Easy your life!


Multiple Uses and Functionalities:

Pecute Washable Training and Travel Pads (90x70cm) can be used for furniture and bedding protection, crate and kennel liner, post-surgery under pad, food and water bowl placemat, or litter box mat.

1. Product Name: Pecute Pet Pee Pad 2 Pack
2. Model: PPP-RPP01 / PPP-RPP02 / PPP-RPP03
3. Size: M: 70 * 50cm / L: 90 * 70cm / XL: 140 * 100cm (Please buy according to your pet's body type)
4. Material: BK, TC cotton, TPU, Nylon cloth
5. Cleaning: Machine washable. (Please do not use bleach or softener.)
6. Uses: Pee pad, cat litter pad, pet mattress, sofa pad, car seat pad

 Come in a 2-pack so you’ll never be without a clean backup pad to use.


1. Machine washable max.30℃/112°F
2. Do not bleach
3. Do not dry clean
4. Do not iron
5. No soften
6. Tumble dry low or hang to dry


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