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Free Shipping for All Orders & 10% off for New Orders!

Pecute Portable Outdoor Dog Water Bottle

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  • πŸΎγ€πƒπ”π‘π€ππ‹π„ 𝐀𝐍𝐃 𝐒𝐀𝐅𝐄】Pecute pet water bottle is made of food-grade organic silicone material and LDPE, non-toxic, no odor, BPA-free, lead-free, safe, and durable! The soft material is intact even if you drop it accidentally! The parts are removable and easy to clean!
  • πŸΎγ€οΌ’πˆποΌ‘πƒπ„π’πˆπ†π 】Bottle + water bowl integrated design. The fold cap will become a water bowl after unfolding, and you don't need any external bowl to give your hairy buddy water to drink anymore. Fold back after drinking. That is so easy!
  • πŸΎγ€π‹π€π‘π†π„ π‚π€ππ€π‚πˆπ“π˜ 】2 sizes to choose from, M: 550ml/19.4oz, L: 650ml/ 22oz. Ensure to provide your pet with safe, fresh, and healthy water at any time, especially during long-distance walking, hiking, traveling, and other open-air activities.
  • πŸΎγ€π‹πˆπ†π‡π“π–π„πˆπ†π‡π“ οΌ† ππŽπ‘π“π€ππ‹π„γ€‘Only 0.3 pounds / 140g, can fit into the water bottle bag of the backpack, don't have to worry about getting the travel bag wet. Equipped with a hand strap, which can be worn on your hand. There is an extra carabiner that can be buckled wherever you can buckle.
  • πŸΎγ€ππŽ 𝐖𝐀𝐓𝐄𝐑 π‹π„π€πŠπ€π†π„γ€‘The water-blocking mechanism in the bottle cap, and the sealed silicone gasket inside the cap helps to ensure that there is no water leakage. There is a built-in water pipe in the bottle to ensure the water can be squeezed without wasting water.


Pecute pet water bottle --- essential water bottle for outing

Being a dog owner and keeping your pets hydrated while doing activities is a must.

Just like in humans, water is responsible for keeping your pet’s body functioning at peak levels.

When taking pets out, do you have the following questions?

---Is your pet drinking dirty water?

---Pour water on your hands and feed your pet?

---Pour water directly on your pet's mouth and make the pet wet?

---Do you have to bring a water bowl to bring a kettle? Don't you find it troublesome?

Large capacity ensures pet hydration.

Dehydration isn’t just uncomfortable for your pooch – it can also put your dog at risk of more serious illnesses So, you are going for a walk, biking, running, hiking, or taking a road trip, Carrying a large-capacity cup will allow your dog to replenish water in time. If you have a puppy, the Pecute water bottle is enough to support


a short trip. If you have a big dog, please fill it once or twice during the trip.

Bottle + water bowl integrated design.

  • Are you trouble with separate bowls get messy and take up more space in your bag?
  • Pecute 2 in 1 design dog bowl contain a cup or bowl that will allow your dog to easily lap up the water and eliminate the need to bring an additional bowl.
  • When in use : turn over the leaf, squeeze out the water and your dog can drink.
  • When not in use : Flip the leaf down, it can greatly reduce the space occupied by it.


Innovative design

1.Double leak-proof: the water locking mechanism on the bottle cap and the sealed silicone gasket in the bottle cap ensure water leakage

2.Safe Material: non-toxic, no odor, BPA-free, lead-free, safe and durable!

3.Water recycling: decompress the bottle body, and the unfinished water in the water bowl can be automatically returned to the bottle

4.Removable hand strap: you can wear it on your hand or carry it when you walk

How to use the pet water bottle?

  1. Open the bottle cap counterclockwise, fill in the water, close the cap clockwise;
  2. Unfold the cap, unlock the water outlet in the open direction;
  3. Squeeze the bottle, the water in the bottle can rise into the water bowl;
  4. Decompress the bottle and the unfinished water in the bowl can automatically flow back into the kettle without wasting water.

NOTE: After using, remember to lock the water outlet in the close direction, and then fold the cap for storage.


Original Treat Pouch,Black Upgrade Treat Pouch,Black Upgrade Treat Pouch,Grey Newly Treat Pouch,Grey
Size S: 10.5 x 17.5 x 6 cm L: 20 x 20 x 7 cm L: 20 x 20 x 7 cm XL: 22 x 21 x 16 cm

5 SeparateΒ Compartments

βœ“ βœ“ βœ“ βœ“
Water Bottle Pockets X βœ“ βœ“ βœ“

one waist/

shoulder strap (dual-use)

one waist strap

+one shoulder strap

(separately use)

one waist strap

+one shoulder strap

(separately use)

one waist strap

+one shoulder strap

(separately use)

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