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Free Shipping for All Orders & 10% off for New Orders!



LARGE nail grinders


Are you bothered by scratchy dogs or cats nails?

Does their lovable character and games leave scratches all around your sofas and cabinets?

Do you feel stressful with clippers for your pets’ black nails?

Are you still worried that you may cut too far and accidentally hurt your pet?

Did you find it take long time to do the job when you use a normal nail grinders for your large dogs with hard nails?


Then this large nail file grinders with strong power, two speeds for pets is what you need!


Selected Large & Strong Motor:


  • Adopted large and strong motor,more powerful than normal motor of large nail grinders.
  • Powerful motor with 2 speeds design: 6,400 RPM for trimming accurately, 6900 RPM for quickly grinding.You can chose appropriate speed according to the hardness of pet nails.


This newly large pet paw grinder is safe and more effective for grinding medium and large hard nails. Ensure safe & quick grinding for your loved pets!


large battery

Excellent Battery Life:

Adopted advanced 1800mAh Lithium Polymer Battery which supports 2 hours fast charging and 14 hours long working time.


Low Noise

Designed with low noise and low vibration. less than 50 decibels,provide quiet operation for pet comfort.



Micro USB portable cable with over-charge protection.Handy size,easy and comfortable to use.

pet nail file

2 Grinding Heads & 4 Ports Size:

Equipped with 1 groove shaped + 1 normal grinding heads. And 2 security covers provide 4 different grinding ports.You have more options to grind according to the nail size and your preference.

easy to use

How to Use:


  • Step 1:Get pets familiar with the smell, shape & sound,or touch their feet without switching it on.
  • Step 2:Cut any pets' overlong nails with a nail clipper first if required.
  • Step 3:Choose a speed to file the sharp nails, file slowly when near to the quick, use no more 10 seconds each time and let your pet relax in between.
  • Step 4:Reward pets with snacks to make them love their nails being filed.



Quick Guide to The Button:


  1. Long press button for 3 seconds to turn on the grinder.The default is the First Speed(6400 RPM), the blue light is on.
  2. Press the power button again for the Second Speed(6900RPM), The red light is on.
  3. Long press button for 3 seconds to turn off the grinder.claw
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