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Pecute Tie Out Stake Set

3 in 1 Dog Molar Bite Toys Portable Dog Chew Toys, Outdoor Dog Traction Rope Pile Tug-of-War Dog Toys, Tough and Bite-Resistant, Molars, Teeth Cleaning

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Do your dogs want to enjoy being outside but you don’t have a fenced yard?

Do your dogs lose control when take him camping?

Do your dogs love playing tug of war?

Do your dogs hate teeth cleaning?

Want to engage your canine companion in a fun and meaningful play?


Pecute 3 in 1 Spiral Stake & Tie-Out Cable Dog Toy Combo: this set gives you everything you need to give your pet the freedom to roam while still keeping him safe and funny without fences or borders.

  • 🐾 【Upgrade 3 In 1 Design】: Made of reinforced fiber ABS, the same strength as metal while much lighter, convenient to carry outdoor. Serves as Outdoor Dog Traction Rope + Dog Chew Toy + Tug-of-War Toy, encouraging positive exercise and developing a healthy life.
  • 🐾 【Outdoor Dog Traction Rope (2m)】: The dog rod pile is spiral design, easy to be rotated into soils. You can just screw it deep into the ground and fix in the place you want. Two universal buckles at both ends of the dog leash, one side is fixed to the rod pile and the other is fixed to the pet collar. Suitable for use on the home yard or outdoor grass, to ensure that there is fixed space for dogs to play instead of running around.
  • 🐾 【Dog Chew Toy】: Made of TPR material, with newly dog tip - tooth shape molar channel design, the sharp molars arranged in parallel in the chew toy will clean the teeth from top to bottom, remove food residue, dental stones effectively and keep teeth clean. Also you can put pet toothpaste on the surface of the molar toy for a better oral health. Satisfy dogs' instinctual needs and relieve the anxiety!
  • 🐾 【Tug-of-War Toy】: The high elastic tension rope is 55cm long and can be stretched to 110cm. Attract dogs to exercise more, consuming more energy, promoting physical and mental health. The inside is made of high quality imported latex silk, so can satisfy the dog's long tug-of-war game.

Product Parameters:

Product Name: Pecute 3 in 1 Dog Interactive Toy

Model: PT-DCT02

Material: ABS Dog Stake Out+ Nylon Rope + Imported Latex Elastic Rope + Stainless Steel Buckles

Color: Yellow

Weight: 460g


Nylon Rope: 200 cm

Ellipsoid Chew Part: 13 * 8 cm

Elastic Rope: 55 cm (can be stretched to 110 cm)

Dog Tie Out Spike: 12 * 25 cm

The set has been strength tested to ensure sustainability for dogs up to 90 pounds.


The package contains:

1 x Dog Tie Out Stake, 1 x Nylon Cable(2m), 1 x Ellipsoid Chew Toy

🐾 【TIPS】: Toys are consumables, mainly for interactive play! Dogs have varying degrees of destructiveness, the degree of fragility of toys is different and varies from dog to dog! Therefore, dogs with great destructiveness are recommended to choose toys with high bite resistance!

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