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Pecute Double Sided Pet Massage Bath Brush

【Innovation Design】2 in 1 Silicone Needle Natural Bristle Bamboo Comb - Removes Loose Fur & Dirt - Great Short Long Dogs Cats Massaging Bathing

· pet grooming

🐾 【SILICONE PIN SIDE】: (i) Designed with 3D arc surface, Adopted with ultra-soft round-head silicone needle, fits better to pets' skin. (ii) Removes Hair Efficiently,can easily get rid of pets' floating hair, loose and dead fur. (iii) Great for Bathing & Massaging,can promote blood circulation and skin's metabolism, making hair shinier.

🐾 【NATURAL BRISTLE SIDE】: (i) Well-chosen wild boar bristle, long bristles mixed well with short ones,Neatly implanted into the comb,can withstand the high temperature of 220 degrees. (ii) The bristle can distribute the fat in the hair follicle evenly, effectively cares for the hair, (iii)Removes the dander and the dirty things without scratching the skin, reduces the static electricity.

🐾 【SMART DESIGN】: (i) Pure handcrafted bamboo comb body with smooth and glossy surface, will avoid pet or human skin allergies. (ii) Ergonomic handle design make you comfortable and effortless when using. (iii) Ventilation hole reduce rough pressure,ensure a soft and gentle touch to skin. (iv) Easy to Clean,simply uncover hair from the edges, then rinse the brush with water and dry it in time.

🐾 【VERSATILE USE】: (i) Bathing Wet Use - The bristle side can make more delicate bubbles. The silicone side can help do a deep clean by making penetrate the bath liquid well,Meanwhile massage the skin. (ii) Daily Dry Use - This stylish brush can remove loose fur,get dander and dirt out easily.

🐾 【1 YEAR GUARANTY】: Love your new Pet Massage Brush or your money back!We stand behind our products and guarantee your complete satisfaction.If you find any questions or quirks,plz let our friendly and responsive after-sales support team know,we'll replace it or full refund, no questions asked.


What can Pecute pet double-sided massage comb bring to your pet?
▶Comfortable Massage & Grooming:
Pin Side: Pecute silicone massage comb adopted 3D arc face brush head design, super soft round-head silicone comb needle, removes floating hair, unwanted and dead hair on the pet's body effectively and gently, gives your loved pet different massage experience.
▶Good Care for Pets' Coats:
Bristle Side: We carefully selected wild boar bristle, neat long bristle mixed well with short ones and together implanted to the comb. The bristle hair rubs each other, can evenly distribute the fat in the hair follicle, effectively cares for the hair, removes the dander and the dirty thing, reduces the static electricity,gives pet a healthy and shinny coats.
▶Versatile Wet or Dry Use:
Not only can it remove hair in daily use of grooming, but when taking a shower, the bristle hair comb can make more delicate bubbles. The silicone comb can massage skin since its needle can make the bath liquid penetrate the skin and achieve a better cleaning effect.
Pure handcrafted bamboo comb body with smooth and glossy surface, will avoid pet or human skin allergies,skin-friendly,eco-friendly.
▶Humanized Design:
The handle is designed to be ergonomic, letting you feel comfortable and effortless.Breather-Hole allows pins to flex,contouring to pets body,ensure a soft touch to the skin,no more hurt.
▶Easy to Clean:
After each use, simply uncover it from the edges, easily remove the hair, then rinse it with water and dry it in time.
1. Store it out of the reach of pets and children
2. Dry in time after cleaning

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