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Pecute Double-Sided Orthopaedic Dog Bed(2 Color,2 Sizes)

Shredded Memory Foam Orthopaedic Pet Bed with Good Support, Removable Cover-Easy to Clean, Plush + Ice Silk Two Side- Four Seasons Available for Medium Large Pets

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Color: Grey / Black

Size: Large(102x69x20cm) / Medium(74X48x15cm)

Most dogs sleep for about half their life, maybe even a bit more. If a good mattress is important to you, it is absolutely vital for your pup.


Have you noticed that your older dog is suffering from joint pain and finding it difficult to get comfortable enough to sleep well?

Maybe you have found out that your middle aged dog is developing hip dysplasia and joint pain you want to prevent symptoms from developing for as long as possible.

And for younger, active large breed dogs that need excellent support and comfort!


It could be that you just want the best possible bed to spoil your beloved furbaby.

You could look through more details to make an informed decision.

Our bed features softer shredded memory foam, works to eliminate pressure points. (Pressure points are that stiff, painful feeling you have when you put too much weight on one area of your body for too long.)

Soft beds can eliminate pressure points, but may not give enough support to the spine, causing pain in the neck or joints.

Pecute orthopedic bed would help find a balance between firm spine support and the elimination of pressure points. Contouring perfectly to your dog for maximum comfort and a sound night's sleep.

Plush Fabric Side:

One side is adopted with high-quality corn corduroy plush fabric, soft cozy and warm, suitable for pets in autumn and winter!

Ice Silk Fabric Side:

The other side is specially selected with premium ice silk fabric, cool but not frozen, comfortable and breathable, most suitable for pets in summer!

  • Removable Cleaning: The entire pet bed can be removed for cleaning. Open the zipper, take out the liner, the cloth cover can be hand-washed or machine-washed, and the liner can be exposed to the sun directly. Giving your pet a clean and restful space!
One Kindly Suggestion:

NOTE: This product is a vacuum compression package for transportation. The bed may take hours to fully expand once you have unrolled it from its packing.

You can also zip apart the cloth cover, take the inner filling out, slightly tap it, fluff the inner shredded foam up, let the memory foam inhale the air, help quickly rebound to its best shape! It will come out beautifully!

  • Large Size: 102 x 69 x 20cm ( 40.15 x 27.16 x 7.87'' ), great for medium and large dog breeds, also can be used with multiple small dogs & cats.Can Easily Hold 50+ KG, Such as Labrador, Greyhound, Poodle, Bulldog, German Shepherd, Large Rescue.
  • Medium Size: 74 x 48 x 15cm ( 29.13 x 18.89 x 5.90'' ), great for small to medium dog breeds, also can be used with multiple small dogs & cats.
  • , Can stretch out fully,Relieve tension and pressure effectively .
  • Thick Shredded Memory Foam Base for superior overall comfort, reducing joint pain and improving health, mobility, energy.
Grey,Large Size
Black,Large Size
Grey,Medium Size
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