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Pecute Double Dog Bowl Set(Chocolate,2 Sizes)

Stainless Steel Double Bowls Set with Non-Spill Silicone Mats Tray for Medium Dogs Water Food Feeding

· pet feeding

M: 14 oz ,400ml/bowl
L : 26 oz ,750ml/bowl

Are you bothered by pets making your home/kitchen so messy?

Are you tired of cleaning up the food scraps by your pets?

Are your pets so naughty that they always like to move and knock over bowls?

Do you have the problem of pets fighting for food in a bowl?

. . . . . .

If Yes, Then Pecute Double Pet Bowls with Non Slip Silicone Mat Can Solve These Problems For You!

【Double bowl design】can be used as a set meal, one for water and one for food! You can also feed two pets at the same time. Medium bowl set: 14 ounces (400 ml) per bowl, suitable for cats/kittens/puppies. Large size bowl set: 26 ounces (750 ml) each bowl, suitable for medium and large pets.

【Non-toxic and safe】Pecute pet bowl is made of 100% food-grade silicone material, which is non-toxic, tasteless, heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant. It is safer than plastic bowls and truly considers the health of pets.

【Slip-proof and overflow-proof】The unique edge design makes the raised edge bend upwards, which can prevent food and liquid from spilling, and no longer worry about the floor becoming dirty; the silicone itself is non-slip, which can prevent pets from knocking over the bowl when eating.

【Double-layer structure】Two high-quality stainless steel bowls can be taken out directly, which is convenient for cleaning and supports dishwasher! The stainless steel bowl can also be used alone, two bowls become 4 bowls! Support dry food, wet food, water, milk, canned food, etc.!

【Easy to carry】The high plasticity of silica gel can support it can be folded into a bag for easy carrying! When traveling with pets, it can be used as an outdoor pet bowl!

Product parameter

Product name: Pecute pet double bowl

Brand: Pecute

Model: PFW-02M / PFW-02L

Material: 100% food grade silicone + high quality stainless steel

Size: M/L

Capacity: 800ml/1500ml

Suitable for: large, medium and small pets (dogs, cats, rabbits)

Package contains:

1*silicone mat

2*stainless steel bowls

1*Trash storage box

1*garbage bag

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