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Pecute Dogs Puppies Chew Toys(4 Pack)

Dog Cotton Rope Toys Chew Toy Set for Small and Medium Dogs

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UPC 600686222071


$ 15.99

  • ★SAFTY MATERIAL: Made of non-toxic and tough cotton fiber.Plant dyeing, without any chemicals or plastic, safe and long lasting for your dog to chew;
  • ★TEETH CLEANING KEEP HEALTHY:These puppy rope toys can easily help clean and exercise puppy's teeth and gums,keep their oral cavity healthy and fresh,reduce the rate of catching calculus,Great choice for grinding teeth;
  • ★PERFECT FOR EXERCISE AND GAMES: Those interactive toys are great for tug-of-war,toss and fetch games,Keeping dogs physically and mentally smart,Relieving anxiety,making him/her happy.Strengthening relations with your puppy.
  • ★NO MORE DAMAGE TO HOME: Multi-Colored knotted rope toys are attractive,and can keep your dog entertained to relieve discomfort,No more worries about them biting furniture or destroying things;
  • ★FOUR PACK DOG ROPE TOYS:Two knotted tug ropes, One ball shape,One animal shape.Everyone can give your puppy a lot of fun to play.

Pecute rope toys are made from high quality cotton materials in fun shapes for small to medium dogs. Rope fibers floss dog's teeth as they chew and play. Your pups will love sinking their teeth in the Pecute Cotton Rope Dog Toys. Whether your dog prefers bones, ropes, balls, or tug toy there is always a favorite one for your best friend.


Are you still in trouble for searching Pet Chew Toys for your puppy? And worry about the items are not safety,poor quality.
Do you feel there is little time accompany with your pet baby and want to find more interesting toys for them?
Did you go crazy about pet biting furniture and destroying things?Do you want to prevent this?
Pecute 4 Pack Dog Rope Toys Is A Great Choice To Meet Your Expectations For Puppy's Toys
▶ Made from high quality cotton materials in fun shapes for small dogs,Plant dyeing,100% Safe and Non-toxic,Tough construction is designed for long lasting play;
▶ A variety of styles available,Whether your dog prefers bones, ropes, balls, tug toy or flying disc there is always a best one for your best friend,fun to play;
▶ Great toys for relieving separation anxiety in pets who are left home alone during the day. Multicolored cotton rope is twisted and knotted into kind of shapes that's much fun to fetch ,chew and play for hours, No more lonely;
▶ Perfect for puppies grinding teeth,biting rope toys can help puppies clean and exercise their teeth. reduce the rate of catching calculus, decayed tooth,keep the freshness of oral cavity, keep them healthy;
▶ Protect Your Furniture -Pecute colorful dog toys easily draw your puppy's attention, reducing bites of sofa, socks, shoes, paper, table leg or others,Let you get out of the messy!
Like every other toy, the cotton ropes are not indestructible.Some large dogs and aggressive chewers could rip toys off easily,and ripped pieces may cause a choking hazard to your pets.
Please consider your pet's CHEWING HABBITS before order,In addition,we would kindly recommend pet play these toys under your supervise,and replace the broken ones timely.
Two Knotted Tug Rope Toys, One Ball Shape,One Animal Shap

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