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Pecute Dog Nail Clippers with Nail File

Stainless Steel Pet Nail Trimmers for Medium to Large Dogs

· pet grooming

UPC: 701599602285


  • Sharp Stainless Steel Blades for Easy Cut - This nail clipper is made from the finest quality heavy duty stainless steel blade, which will give a powerful and long lasting sharp cutting experience
  • Rubber Coated Handle for Comfortable Grip - Ergonomic designed to offer you a non-slip, maximum comfortable grip that will allow you maintain control when trimming your dog's nails
  • Free Bonus Heavy Duty File to Smooth Nails - It comes with a built in nail file for smoothing over any rough and sharp nail edges after cutting
  • EASY Lock for Safe and Compact Storage - Lock blades easily by pushing up the plastic lock

Nail trimming should be a regular part of your pet's grooming. It is important to your pet's well-being to keep the nails properly trimmed. This product is best suited for medium to large dogs. Great for both professional groomers and pet owners alike.

Hold the paws of your pet. Then press lightly to make the end of the nails exposed.
Cut the nail as the position shown in the picture, Pay attention to avoid cutting the vessels and nerves. If you accidentally cut the vessels , please use pet hemostatic drugs to stop the bleeding.
Check and cut pet nails every two weeks.
Don’t cut your pet avoid being hurt when its feet struggle. Please not the difference between front paws and back paws.
1.Please keep it away from Children and Pets when without supervision.
2.Please keep it away from fire and heated areas.
3.Please use the tool in a proper way and avoid pet skin injury.

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