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Pecute Cat Water Fountain 3L, 3 Outlets

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Automatic Pet Water Fountain Transparent Design Dog Water Dispenser with 2 Reusable Filter for Cats

  • 【New Upgrade】: New generation of silent submersible pump, shock absorption design, pets are not afraid. The sound of running water as if in the nature, do not disturb the pet to sleep.
  • 【Reusable Filter】: Made with the latest technology, 3 filtration: sponge + ion exchange resin + activated carbon, can filter the hair, the food debris, descaling, and purify water efficiently! Protect the health of your pets!
  • 【3 Kinds of Outlet Mode】: The upper cover is a fountain outlet, you can add a waterfall outlet or leaf-type outlet on the upper cover. 3 kinds of water outlet mode, you can change as you like! Change the way to attract pets to drink more water!
  • 【3L Large Capacity】: The largest capacity design on the market which can meet the pet's need for several days. No need to add water frequently. Don't worry that the pet has no water to drink, even if the owner goes out for several days!
  • 【Fully Transparent Design】: The whole machine is transparent design, so that there is nowhere to escape from water stains. When water stains are found, clean and change water in time to protect your pets' healthy. If the water level is low, the owner can see at a glance, add water in time!
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