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Pecute Cat Treat Toy 4 In 1

Cat Interactive Toy More Fun with Cat Tumbler Toy,Roller Bal Track,Cat Ball Teaser, Great for Indoor Cats Kitty

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Why do cats need educational toys?

Is your cat stay alone at home when you go to work?

If your cat lacks the necessary exercise apart from eating and sleeping, it will be tired and sleepy, lacking vitality, becoming lazy and obese.

People need company, so do cats.

Choose this "tumbler toy" for your cat —— A funny cat companion.

1. Cat Tumbler Toy

The structure of the tumbler can be rotated 360 degrees on the ground, which is very interactive for cats.

2. Roller Ball Track

Two balls that spin around the track attract the cat to scratch and chase and maintain its attention for a long time.

3. Activity Snack Ball

Snack rewards encourage your cat to keep chasing and playing, so it can get quantitative exercise and stay alive.

4. Cat Ball Teaser

The host can also interact with pets with funny cat sticks to guide them to play. Beneficial to enhance the relationship between the owner and the pet.

Festive cat roller toy, a must-have for all fat cats

Here is a bundle set of toys that are well designed and interactive and great if you have more than one cat. This tumbler design cat toy has a track with 2 spinning and sliding balls that your cat can try to catch. And it gives snack rewards that encourage your cat to keep chasing and playing, keep them curious & amused for ages.

Equipped with a ball toy cat teaser, it is pluggable on the top, or you can take it down to tease the cat, stimulates cat's senses and hunting instincts, keep cats occupied, give them more fun

This great cat toy would make a purrfect gift for all fat cats out there. Your fur baby will love this cute gift with fun toy


The maximum diameter of the food dispensing hole can be adjusted to 2cm, the added food should be smaller than this diameter, or the food can be cut a little smaller and put in; please put dry granulated food instead of sticky food.

Product parameters:

Product name: Pecute cat tumbler feeding toy

Brand: Pecute

Model: PCT-ICT01


Upper cover / inner plate / lower cover: PP

Funny cat stick: Fiber spring stick

Color: Blue

Size: 101 * 103 * 135mm

Weight: 465g

The package contains:

1x Pecute cat tumbler feeding toy

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