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Pecute Backpack,Mesh Window(4 Color)

Portable Breathable Rucksack with Front Opening-Mesh Window-Pockets, Extendable Back More Space Great For Carrying Puppy Dogs Cats Up to 10KG

· pet carrier

Color: Grey / Dark Bule / Khaki / Black

Version: Mesh Window

Quick View:

Have you ever wanted to bring a pet with you when you go out or travel?

Do you have this kind of trouble when using the ordinary carry bag?


✘ Small space, pets feel cramped

✘ Poor ventilation, hard to release hot air and moisture

✘ The bag shakes greatly when walking


In order to solve the above problems, "Pecute Pet Backpack that can be extended" has been developed!

1、【Expandable & Waterproof】This pet bag with an expandable back design, gives your pet more space to rest and increase air circulation, allows your pet to move around more comfortably, and reduces the anxiety.

2、【Ventilation & Visibility】1)The top of the backpack can be open, for your pet to stick their head out off, you can zip the cover on the mesh for breathability and visibility or you can snap on the shade cover to protect from the sun. 2)Three-sided mesh window design can provide good light transmission and ensure air circulation and no sultry heat.

3、【Adjustable shoulder strap】widened design, adjustable shoulder pad to help reduce load and increase comfort, two retractable buckles on the top and bottom to prevent shoulder strap deviation and maintain the stability of the backpack.

4、【Sturdy and comfortable bottom - can be used on both sides】The dog backpack have a removable firm bottom which can be unzipped and features soft, comfy padding for your pet to sit or sleep on comfortably. It can be used on both sides: the bottom mat is made of Short plush. In the winter, pets can stay indoors to stay warm and comfortable; the other side is Oxford-cloth design, suitable for summer, cool and breathable! Can be removed and washed separately!

5、【Storage and Safety】1) Made of high-quality oxford cloth, waterproof, anti-scratch, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and non-irritating, let your pet breathe freely and relax. 2)There are two bags for storage on the side of the backpack, one for waste bags and dispensers and water bottle holders, another one for storing a mobile phone, wallets, and other small items. 3)Built-in retractable hook safety rope with anti-escape zip to prevent pets from escaping.

Product Details

  1. Product Size: 42 * 35 * 28 (cm)
  2. Extended Size: 42 * 62 * 23 (cm)
  3. Product weight: About 1.6kg
  4. Great for walks, trips, drives, trains, buses, visiting the vet.
  5. Care: Wipe off dirt on the bag and mesh with a towel, and then dry in a shaded place.
  6. Suitable for Carrying Pets Up to 6- 8 KG, like rabbits, cats, small dogs, small animals.(The Maximum Load Is 10 KG.)

Note: Please judge and purchase based on the size of your pet.

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