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Pecute 3-in-1 Slow Eating Dog Bowls

- BPA Free Slow Feeders Interactive Puzzle Dish for Dogs - Stainless Steel Bowls Non Spill Mats Tray - Great for Small Medium Dogs Slow Feeding(M)

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Do your greedy dogs that eat their food in seconds?

Do they eat so fast then get hiccups,and also gulp in loads of air?

Do you want to slow them down from gluping food?

Do your pets try to tip over the bowl or move it across the floor?


Pecute 3 in 1 Slow Feeder Double Dog Bowls with Non-Slip Mat Would Be Great for Your Dogs!

★SAFE & ASSURED MATERIAL: Made of 100% food-grade silicone + 201 stainless steel + non-toxic polypropylene, FDA certified, safe, non-toxic, no odor, heat resistance, durable, clean and sanitary, care for the health of pets!

★NEWLY UPGRADE 3-IN-1: One Pecute bowl is equivalent to 3 other kinds of feeding supplies! -The slow feed bowl can be used to slow down pets eating food. -The stainless steel bowl for holding water/milk. -The bone-shaped anti-slip feeding mat prevents from overflowing. The bowls can be taken out for easy cleaning and used separately.

★SLOW PUZZLE FEEDER: The raised obstacles in the slow feeder bowl can increase the difficulty of eating, effectively prolong the eating time, control the eating speed, prevent bloat, reduce the burden of the stomach and improve digestion, stimulate intelligence development.

  • ★ANTI SLIP & NON SPILL: Silica gel has its excellent anti-slip performance. The silicone feeding pad can increase friction with the ground to prevent pets from moving, dragging, or knocking over the bowl while eating. Keep the ground clean!
  • ★FOLDABLE: 100% real silicone has strong plasticity and can be kneaded at will without breaking easily! Therefore, the bowl set can be folded, and it is only 5cm thick after being folded. When traveling with pets, it can be packed in a bag, you can save money on purchasing additional travel folding bowls!

Effectively Slow Your Dog Down from Eating Their Food in Seconds to about Several Minutes.

The designs on the food surface area ensure the maximum amount of time that dogs will finish their meal. The materials used in its construction are pet-safe and are sturdy enough to last many years of use. The non-slip base also keeps the dog food bowls in place and it can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.

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