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Pecute 3 in 1 Pet Ceramic Heat Lamp (50W/100W)

with Heat Guard Heater Holder - Safe Terrariums Infrared Heat Bulb with Anti Biting Rope for Reptiles Amphibian Poultry

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50 W(Amazon ASIN: B07J342N6—— Product ID: 796914248514)

Sale Price: $ 27.99

100 W(Amazon ASIN: B07J33CYNL—— Product ID: 796914248521)

Sale Price: £ 29.99

🐾 【Warm This Winter】: Pecute ceramic heating lamp + protective cage + heater holder 3 in 1 ,newly design,upgraded version.Especially suitable for lizards,snakes,spiders,tortoises,chickens and quails brood,hedgehogs,hamsters etc,keep a constant warmth through a whole winter.

🐾 【Infrared Heat】:Lamp adopt Ni-Cr alloy resistance wire,the heating speed is fast and stable,the heat is balanced and persistent,energy saving.Long wave infrared thermal radiation can rapidly raise and keep the heat while expanding blood vessels, promoting blood circulation,It doesn’t emit light,so won't distress reptiles,great for night time.

🐾 【Triple Protections】: The surface temperature of lamp is close to 200 degrees C. With 2 Ventilation Vents,it could reduce heat avoid safety hazards. With a lamp Guard Cage, it would effectively prevent pets from scalding. With Anti-Biting Iron Pipe, it can prevent pets from biting electric wires to get an electric shock.

🐾 【High Quality】: (i)Standard E27 lamp holder,made of Cu-Ni alloy, has a protruding contact point, no crack at the joint and no burr. (ii)High temperature fired ceramic lamp,thick without cracks,waterproof,explosion-proof. Can be used for more than 20000 hours.(iii)Metal protective cage with a hook and a back clip,2 ways to use.

🐾 【1 Year Guaranty】: Love your new Pet Heat Lamp or your money back!We stand behind our products and guarantee your complete satisfaction.If you find any questions or quirks,plz let our friendly and responsive after-sales support team know,we'll replace it or full refund, no questions asked.

Pecute newly design 3 in 1 ceramic heat lamp provide a whole winter warmth!

▶ High thermal efficiency:
Adopted Ni-Cr alloy resistance wire can rapidly raise and maintain the temperature.
▶ Infrared Heat:
Long wave infrared thermal radiation can expand blood vessels, promote blood circulation but don't emit light.
▶ Triple Protections:
Lamp Guard—prevent pets from scalding.
Ventilation Vents—radiate heat,avoid safety hazards.
Anti-Biting Rope—prevent pet from biting to get electric shock.

▶ Standard E27 Lamp Holder:
Made of Cu-Ni alloy, the socket has a protruding contact point, no crack at the joint and no burr.
▶ High quality Lamp:
High temperature fired ceramic lamps are round & thick without cracks,waterproof and explosion-proof,can be used in damp environment.
▶ Long Service Life:
Ni-Cr alloy resistance wire can be used constantly for 24 hours and for more than 20000 hours.
▶ Easy to Install:
A hook and a back clip are designed on the protective cage, can be directly hung on the terrariums or clamped on for using.

Reference Data of Two Lamp in The Terrarium of 60x40x40cm:
50 W:
18℃/64.4℉(Before) VS 25℃/77.0℉(After)
100 W: 16℃/60.8℉(Before) VS 29℃/84.2℉(After)

Notice:Due to different indoor temperature and size of terrarium,there would be a difference.This data is only for reference.

1.Read all directions and precautions before using.
2.Please keep it away from flammable materials,pets,children when using,avoid scalding and fire.
3.Please turn off the lamp for 5-10 mins first before touching and changing the bulb.
4.Please notice the humidity of terrarium.As the heat will cause moisture loss in the air, the humidity will drop quickly,pls add water in time.

Product parameters:
Product Name: Pecute pet ceramic heating lamp with protective cover
Product model: PHS-HP01
Color: Black
Power: 50W/100W
Heating lamp material: ceramic lamp body + Ni-Cr alloy resistance wire
Protective cover material: Iron
Anti-biting rope material: Iron
Protective cover size: 10*8cm/3.9*3.1in
Ceramic lamp size: 6.8*5.8cm/2.8*2.4in

Package List:
1× Ceramic Heat Lamp
1× Lamp Guard
1x Lamp Holder
1× Instruction

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