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Pecute 2800W Dog Hair Dryer Low Noise

Variable Speed Pet Grooming Hair Dryer High-Velocity Dog Fur Blower Hairdryer with 2 Gear Temperature and 3 Nozzles Extension Hose

· pet grooming
  • Quick Drying: 2800W super power, concentrated wind, quickly break up and blow dry water. Compared to handhold hair dryers our dryer reduces time by over 60%, saving your precious time, especially when grooming large dogs.
  • Lowered Noise & Separated Heat: Adopting new generation of noise reduction device, thick stainless steel body, effective Separated heat of the body, and can achieve the effect of noise reduction and shock absorption. So the noise of our pet dryer is much lower than the same type of products on the market! Lower than 60dB, which won`t scare pets. Nonslip Rubberized feet keep stable when using.
  • Stepless Adjustable Airflow Speed: Lowest speed for cats or small dogs, highest speed for large breeds. Off, Low, High Heat Setting, Temperature is 40-60°C / 104-140°F Adjustable When Heat Switch is on. Perfect for all seasons.
  • Flexible Pet Dryer PU Hose: 0.8-3m/2.62 to 9.35ft flexible pet dryer PU Hose with Heat Insulating Cover and 3m/9.84 FT long power cord which allow you to use them at a far distance, to extend the use distance and expand the scope of use, save you a patch panel. Others are PE material, which has an odor and is easy to burn! Our thick PU material hose, pit oxidation, high temperature resistance, hand holding comfort, not afraid of hot!
  • 3 Different Nozzles: Round nozzle: best suited for cold weather, it gathers the hot wind, which is more effective in raising the temperature. Wide flat nozzle: can concentrate the airflow to help shape, increase the full-ness and gloss of the hair. Narrow flat nozzle: is a combination of the other two nozzles.
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